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Business to Business Web Design

Business to Business (B2B) web design presents a unique challenge that’s different than typical small business web design services. The services and goods of a B2B website tend to be big investments and match a unique niche of clientele. This means that people aren’t likely to make a big purchase without some convincing on the part of your business.

With B2B websites, your potential clients have a sales and lead funnel that can be industry specific. This requires careful planning during the initial B2B web design stage. People visiting B2B websites generally don’t make their purchases online without being well- informed, speaking to a salesperson or signing a contract, so easy and open communication between your potential client and your business is extremely important.

Keys to a Successful B2B Website

Your website is your first foot forward and gives you the opportunity to present your company in a professional way that convinces people to trust you enough to purchase your goods or services. A B2B website needs to have clear and concise content while being aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. B2B web design should start with the primary focus of generating you leads and promoting contact between you and your potential client. This can be done through:

• Forms that generate leads
• Providing ample information on products and services
• Offering “more information” contact opportunities
• Building trust and credibility for your goods and services
• Have convincing and informative copywriting

B2B web design services


    B2B Web Design Challenges

    One of the bigger challenges of B2B web design is knowing how to present the factual content in a manner that is highly converting. This can often be done in creative ways through downloadable brochures, informative slideshows, YouTube video integration, high-quality photos, and stellar photography for any stock images. With these robust features, it’s important to ensure that your website load times and visual content don’t bog down your website’s performance, which can negatively affect user experience.

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