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Your website should promote your brand and services and capture leads from buyers and sellers.

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Today’s real estate agents must not only have a lead generating website, but also an effective online web presence. When a potential buyer or seller does a real estate search, it is imperative that your website comes up high in the search engine results. It is also very important for you to be able to establish contact between you and any potential real estate buyer or seller.

Our San Diego internet marketing company has worked with hundreds of real estate professionals to successfully launch their real estate marketing campaigns through our real estate lead generation service and through our specialized search engine optimization (SEO) for realtors.

Get Leads with Real Estate Lead Generation Service

Top Internet Marketing Results offers proven real estate lead generation and SEO solutions for industry professionals who are looking to increase their client base and earnings from their website. Our team of highly trained real estate lead generation and SEO professionals will work with you to develop a successful campaign designed to boost your website’s performance and put you in touch directly with prospective house hunters and sellers in your area.

The Internet Is Widely Used to Buy and Sell Real Estate

More and more, people looking to buy or sell real estate across the United States turn first to the Internet to search for available properties and narrow their house-hunting before turning to a real estate professional. According to the National Association of Realtors:

  • 92% of home buyers used the Internet in their search for a home

  • 75% of all home buyers who used the Internet to research homes eventually drove by or visited a home with a real estate agent they found via a real estate website

  • 81% of home buyers who searched on the internet purchased their homes through real estate professionals

Real Estate Marketin

A properly conceived and executed real estate lead generation and SEO campaign can make a real difference in today’s increasingly competitive real estate market.

What Is Your Real Estate Internet Marketing Strategy?

Top Internet Marketing Results understands that real estate is a highly competitive field. If you are going to compete, you need to have an effective real estate lead generation strategy specifically designed to capture as many potential clients as possible.

When you come to Top Internet Marketing Results to develop a real estate lead generation strategy, we start with a website analysis of your current website. We then work to improve your current website, or if you are just entering the game of real estate internet marketing, we can build a real estate website from the ground up that is carefully tailored to reach as many prospective clients as possible in your particular market area. We understand that no two real estate markets are created alike and know that your website must be built and written to specifically target buyers and sellers in your area.

Your website designed by Top Marketing Results will benefit from our proven real estate internet marketing lead generation tools, including our proprietary school lead generator that allows you to send visitors to your website detailed school reports in their area and receive a prospective client’s contact information back in real time through your site. We will work to develop a real estate lead generation and SEO campaign that works for you.

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