Google Penalty Recovery Services

Get your website’s traffic and rankings back on track with our penalty recovery services.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

A Google penalty can be detrimental to your business. Google assigns penalities to essentially punish a website for doing something that they deem as wrong or deceptive. A Google penalty can mean that your site sees a dramatic drop in its website traffic, or worse yet, your website has been removed from Google’s search results page entirely.

If you think this is happening to your website, you need Google penalty recovery services to save your website.

Google Penalities Spell Trouble

Imagine all the hard work that’s been poured into your website and SEO services being taken away in an instant. Even if you didn’t knowingly do anything wrong, receiving a penalty can happen without any warning. When your website has been given a penalty, no one can find it, and your traffic, rankings, and ultimately your revenue, will suffer greatly. Your primary focus should be getting your website back into the search results, and FAST.

Why Did I Receive a Google Penalty?

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google penalities can happen to any website. In the SEO world, there’s something called “Black Hat SEO.” Black Hat SEO tactics involve exploiting Google’s algorithm in ways that are considered underhanded or against their terms of service. Black Hat SEO are methods used to get traffic to your website in a short period of time by using disingenuous methods. The website owner is usually none-the-wiser that these techniques are being used on their website until it’s too late. Google might not catch onto these tecniques right away, so your site might be reaping the rewards of a sudden traffic boost. Once Google catches on though, you’re website could be penalized.

If your website has any of the following, it can also be penalized by Google:

  • Spyware, malware, adware or viruses

    Website owners are often unaware that their websites contain nefarious code that can hurt their website visitors, and in order to protect their users, Google will often penalize a website until the threats are gone.

  • Keyword Stuffing

    Stuffing your website with too many keywords shows that you’re not writing for your audience, but trying to gain leverage on Google’s algorithms instead. This can lead to penalization from Google.

  • Improper and Deceptive Redirects

    Sending your website visitor to another page without them clicking on anything is similar to a bait and switch tactic. The site lures you in with the promise of certain content, only to be led somewhere else. This is considered to be bad practice, and can often result in your website being banned from the search results.

  • Duplicate or Plagiarized Content

    Having content taken from other websites and posted onto yours without proper credit or permissions can also lead to a Google penalty.

  • Unnatural or Bad Backlinks

    Backlinks are integral to any SEO marketing strategy. It tells Google that your site has important information that other websites deem valuable enough to link to. There are services out there that offer backlinks for sale. Purchased links are not viewed positively in the eyes of Google, and this too can lead to your website being banned.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

In order to get yourself out of a Google penalty, you should act fast. If you suspect your website has been given a penalty, you should hire an internet marketing company that can help you with Google penalty recovery services using honest and compliant methods to get your site back on track. Every day your website is down means you’re missing out on valuable revenue. Contact us today to get your website back on track.

If you suspect your website is being penalized, contact us right away.

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