We offer several SEO options to help your business grow online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People use the internet to fulfill a need, whether it be gathering information, finding a place to eat, finding something to buy, or looking for a particular service. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves getting your website to rank high in the search engine results when people are looking for the goods or services that you offer. It entails helping people not only find your business online, but also prioritizes an interaction between both you and the visitor.

SEO Services

Before the process begins, our SEO Marketing team takes the time to understand your business. We research your business model to understand who your audience is in order to create attainable goals tailored specifically to your industry. Once we have a firm understanding of your niche, we move forward with our SEO Marketing process.

SEO Services - Search Engine Optimization


    • Keyword Analysis

      Keyword analysis is one of the primary elements of SEO marketing. Since we have an understanding of your industry through our research, we then discover what keywords are being used to find your goods or services. We determine which search terms are used most often, and then analyze the monetary value of different keyword phrases in order to determine the best strategy for your business.

    • Website SEO Audit

      A website audit uses an algorithm to generate a report that gives us the low down on your website. It tells us where your website currently ranks, how it’s being found (if at all), and it outlines potential issues with your website that can raise red flags which can actually penalize your website in the search engine results.

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    • On Page SEO

      Once we have the audit report, we go in and optimize your website ensuring that it’s free of any negative elements that could impact your search rankings. Our SEO marketing team reviews all the pages of your website and makes necessary revisions to the content and link structure to help boost your on-page keywords. This also includes evaluating and rewriting your website metadata, including the title and description tags

    • Link Building

      Link building is an important strategy in any given SEO marketing campaign. If trusted high-quality websites link to your website, search engines in turn, treat your site with an added level of authority, increasing its chances to rank higher in search engines. TopIMR has the skills and partnerships to create a successful outreach program that finds quality links for your backlink portfolio.

    • Social Media Marketing

      Social media marketing is a great way to generate quality traffic and leads to your website. TopIMR has the knowledge and experience to manage your social media advertising. We create several ads targeted to your specific industry that engage and encourage people to interact. Our SEO marketing specialists constantly monitor all incoming views, traffic, and clicks, while making adjustments periodically to ensure continued success.

    • Content Writing

      Fresh content is king. Websites that have fresh content fare better in the search engine results. Our Search Engine Optimization team includes a team of quality writers that can help create industry related content and articles for your website on a timely basis.

    • Monitoring for Success

      Our SEO marketing specialists understand that SEO is an ongoing process. A successful campaign relies heavily on not only the creation of an internet marketing campaign but also includes constant monitoring and upkeep. As your site begins to build traffic we still continue to monitor the feedback and data to ensure that every marketing dollar you invest is being used to its maximum potential.

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