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Elements of Professional SEO Services

Professional SEO ServicesProfessional SEO services can be tricky to navigate, due to the fact that the internet marketing industry is always changing. Proper SEO requires constant monitoring and upkeep, and no two SEO marketing campaigns are exactly alike. Your website might require more emphasis on content writing until you’ve built up a good-sized website. The very next month your site might require more focus on obtaining backlinks instead. This dynamic aspect of SEO requires an internet marketing company with a lot of experience, and the ability to keep up with the current trends of your particular industry.

At TopIMR we’ve been working in the internet marketing business since it’s early inception so we have the knowledge and expertise to create a unique professional SEO campaign tailored to your specific niche.

Our Professional SEO services include:

Optimizing Your Webside

If you need a new website built, we offer professional web design services that can accommodate your needs. All of the websites we design are  aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, code-compliant, SEO optimized, and ready to turn your visitors into actual clients.

For current website owners, we optimize your site by logging into the backend interface and making any necessary changes. We have the ability to profesisonally communicate directly with your current webmaster or hosting company to help simplify the process. As an added bonus, there’s usually never any downtime to complete these tasks. Most SEO web changes can be done quickly and seamlessly so your business isn’t interrupted.

Researching Keywords Related to Your Business

Knowing your business is important to us. We research your industry and look up your competitors to only gain an insight into your industry, but to also give you an edge over your competition. We formulate a keyword plan that includes both competitive and long-tail keywords to give you the best combination for an optimal ROI. We carefully examine behavior trends to ensure that your keywords are not only generating you traffic, but turing your visitors into actual leads.

Monthly SEO Services

Monthly SEO Services

Running an SEO Audit

TopIMR is a professional San Diego SEO company with access to the best tools of the trade. We run a detailed report on your website to assess its current state.These reports provide important information about how your website is currently ranking and if there are any issues that the search engines like Google might be penalizing it for. After completing the audit, we create the best SEO marketing strategy tailored to your website and business.

Launching Your Custom SEO Campaign

After we’ve done the research and come up with a custom SEO strategy, we hit the ground running with your SEO compaign. We prioritize the concerns of your website and work our way down the list in order to complete the urgent tasks as soon as possible. We want you to feel confident that we are constantly working to make your campaign successful for you, so we make it a point to frequently communicate with you.

SEO Web Design

Monitoring and Updating

It’s important to remember that SEO is a marathon and not a sprint.  Professional SEO services are ongoing. Even if your website has been optimized, things can change. Our internet marketing specialists keeps tabs on your website to monitor whether or not your marketing campaign is working for you. If not, our team will constantly adjust our strategies to get you the best return on investment. We also send you reports to show our track record and to prove we are constantly working for you.

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