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B2B Search Engine Optimzation Strategies

B2B SEO has similarities to professional SEO practices, however, enterprise companies have different SEO needs than regular companies do. Whether you are a distributer, supplier, wholesaler, or manufacturer, you need a B2B search engine strategy tailored to your particular industry.

Traditional SEO entails actively optimizing your website, creating targeted ads, increasing your overall web presence, and creating solid relavant content to help boost your search engine positioning. The primary focus of B2B SEO includes all of those methods, but with a greater emphasis on being the authority of your industry or product.

People searching for B2B services don’t make their decisions lightly.  They often do heavy research and require some convincing. They usually go through a salesperson to finalize their purchases instead of making purchases online like most B2C companies do. This means that your B2B SEO plan requires the creation of targeted sales funnels to encourage your visitors to not only make contact with you, but ultimately decide to work with your company.

Creating a solid B2B SEO marketing plan starts with an in-depth look at your industry.

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Our B2B internet marketing campaigns entail:

  • Demographic Research

    We start by researching who your target audience is to better understand who they are, what their motivation is, and to find out the best way to capture their attention. The research phase is a very important part of B2B marketing because major purchases in B2B businesses often require the decision making of multiple stakeholders. This requires a unique sales funnel to first target then convince the people looking for services that your company offers to want to work with you.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Analyzing your competition helps give you a competitive edge in your industry. We have access to the top internet marketing tools that give us the ability to run customized reports that show specific information about your competition. Having access to this knowledge gives us the ability to form a customized marketing plan that can make you the leader of your industry.

  • Keyword List Creation

    After conducting in-depth research about your industry, we then formulate a keyword plan that we believe will best capture your intended audience. We ensure that the keyword plan we formulate gives you the best return of investment.

  • Website Analysis

    The current state of your website matters. We take a look and its coding, content, and overall presentation to ensure that nothing is holding it back from reaching its full potential. Websites need to not only be SEO compliant, but SEO optimized to ensure that it ranks high in the search engines for people that are looking for your goods or services.

  • Website Conversion Strategy

    We not only optimize your website, we also create a sales funnel that converts visitors to clients. B2B companies often offer large scale products or services that require the decision making of several people. In order to convince these people that your company is the one they want to work with, a specific strategy is created to encourage a dialogue between you and them.

  • Content Creation Plan

    B2B companies need to be the authoritative voice within their industry. This requires not only lots of fresh content, it also requires detailed documentation and product analysis in order to gain the trust of those looking for your services. Since nearly 61% of people looking to work with B2B companies check reviews about your business before making contact, it’s important to ensure that business reviews is included in your marketing campaign.

We Provide B2B Companies with Results

B2B SEO can be a more challenging internet marketing campaign, but we have the experience and knowledge to help lead your business to the top. We understand the personalized needs a B2B company might have over traditional SEO practices.

TopIMR is a San Diego internet marketing company that prides ourselves with being B2B SEO specialists. Let us help you build your brand authority and funnelt your potential clients through the proper stages of their buying cycle through proper B2B search engine strategies.


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