SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design

Grow your website the right way, by laying down the proper SEO foundation.

SEO Web Design

Traditional web design is the method of creating a website for a business, entity, or individual online. Over the years web design has evolved from simple websites with just a few pages, to more complex websites that utilize many features and technologies to create an enhanced user experience. The focus of traditional web design is usually just to create your web presence. SEO web design on the otherhand takes traditional web design to the next level. It not only involves building a website, it takes SEO marketing techniques into consideration while the website is being built, and incorporates important techniques into the foundation of your website.

Hire One Firm for All Your Needs

Combining both SEO and professional web design best practices can be a challenge since there are many factors to consider in order to be able to obtain the best of both worlds. Some internet marketing firms will only build a website then hand off the site to an internet marketing company to go back and make the website search engine friendly. This two-step process can not only be time-consuming, but it can also be costly for the business or individual because they have to deal with two separate marketing firms. The SEO web design company will likely have to redo some components and foundations that the web design company had already laid down as well, forcing some of the work to be redundant. Hiring a company that knows how to perform SEO web design from the onset of the project can save both time and money, and is the smarter choice when considering your project.

How is SEO Web Design Different?

Imagine your website as a foundation. When it was being developed, blueprints were drawn up in order to plan out the design including every page, graphic, link, and button. Traditional web design doesn’t think about the marketing aspect of those blueprints. They’re only concerned with getting the website up and functioning and being code compliant. Now consider an SEO web design firm like TopIMR. When we draw out the blueprints to your website, we take your future marketing in mind. Before we even start the process, we begin by researching your industry, viewing your competitors, and then coming up with a gameplan before your foundation is laid. We then incorporate keywords, tags, image names, link texts that reflect your marketing plan. This not only sets your site up for success right out of the gate, it also ensures that your website is future-proof for any marketing changes you may need down the road.

SEO Web Design

Is SEO Web Design More Costly?

The short answer is, no. SEO web design actually SAVES YOU MONEY if you start your work with a proven SEO web design firm from the beginning. You won’t have to hire two companies to kickstart your internet marketing campaign and waste time having to double back and redo your efforts.

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