E-Commercee SEO

If you buy or sell online, you can benefit from strong E-Commerce SEO internet marketing plan tailored to your online store.

E-Commerce SEO vs Traditional SEO

E-Commerce SEO is one of the more unique SEO campaigns because E-Commerce websites face challenges and considerations that most other sites don’t. Online stores often have many pages with single item products that likely contain very little content outside of the product’s general description. Since Google values website content, it’s a fine balance to get an E-Commerce website to be SEO to both effective and compliant. A good SEO marketing plan ensures that your product pages appear at the top of the organic search results. Not having a good marketing strategy in place means that you could be losing out to valuable leads and E-Commerce sales.

  • Getting Started

    First things first, E-Commerce SEO starts with the site’s architecture. This includes the website’s main navigation, category pages, and product pages. It’s important to have a proper website structure in place that allows users quick access to multiple levels of content. The idea is to provide your users with the least amount of clicks they need to find the products and services that they are looking for. With that said, the two most important rules to having a good site structure are keeping it simple and making it scalable. Website stores also often have new inventory items that need to be incorporated. Having a site structure that easily accommodates additions is integral in saving time and money by supporting the future growth of your E-Commerce store.

  • E-Commerce SEO Keywords

    Aside from typical SEO services E-Commerce SEO takes keyword usage to an even deeper level. We use the selected keywords we’ve decided on in your internet marketing campaign and create relevant page URLs and website sub-directories that cater to these terms. Think of it as a trickle-down effect – you start with the main keyword and funnel the user down a path of related terms, eventually landing onto your main product page.

  • Long-Tail SEO Keywords

    TopIMR can help you build a solid long-tail keyword strategy which is a proven strategy that benefits E-Commerce websites. We understand the importance of determining long-tail keywords and how they can relate to your industry and products. Taking advantage of longer keywords helps us successfully create an internet marketing campaign that is budget friendly.

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