Local SEO Marketing

Every business offering goods or services needs an internet marketing campaign made specifically for local businesses.

Local Businesses Need Local SEO Services

An overwhelmingly 97% of people use Google to find goods or services that are located close to them. Additionally, almost 82% of people use their smartphone to find services near them. As a small business owner, it’s important to appear in these local searches that are within the areas you service. Connecting your business with people searching for services requires an internet marketing service called Local SEO.

How is Local SEO Different than Regular SEO?

While both Local SEO and National SEO  both require services by an internet marketing company like TopIMR, the SEO strategies are not entirely the same. Local SEO services should:

  • Increase your website ranking in the search engines under local terms

  • Help users easily find the location of your business

  • Allow for users to navigate to your business and find you on a map

  • Allow for an easy way for your users to contact you

Local SEO can also help your business increase its overall online visibility and outrank similar businesses in your area. Targeting local SEO search terms can also lead to more organic traffic and earn you more qualified business leads.

We Understand Local SEO

TopIMR has been helping local businesses just like yours for over two decades. Through our extensive research and experience, we understand how people are searching for and finding businesses on the local level. We incorporate Local SEO strategies that are not only specific to your particular industry but are targeted with one thing in mind: to get your business valuable leads that turn into conversions.

Want More Local Business? Let Us Help You.

We start by conducting a local SEO analysis of your current website, by running a customized marketing report that tells us the overall health and current state of your website. We do this to ensure that your site has no issues that could hinder your website’s ability to rank well.

We then research your niche, check out your competitors, and find out what keyword terms are being used to find businesses like yours. This is done by analyzing both popular and less popular local search terms, monthly volumes of those searches in order to come up with a customized local SEO marketing plan.

From there we audit all the local online directories and citations to ensure not only that you’re listed, but that your information is up-to-date. If you’re not currently found in any directories, we do that for you.

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